Instant Preload Setup

1. Goto Apps in your Shopify admin and click on the SocialX app.

2. Go to the Pending apps tab and click on the Setup in 1 step button in the Instant Preload app.

3. On the Instant Preload app page, click on the Enable it now button.

4. That’s it! The instant Preload app is set up on your store. Click on the done button.

5. In the dashboard, you will simply see a message confirming that app is working on your store.

6. To go to the main dashboard, click on the Go to Homepage blue color button on the left top corner.

7. In the main dashboard, the Instant Preload app will come on the Installed apps page. The toggle button indicates the app status on the store. Green indicates enabled and grey indicated disabled state. If you want to disable the app on your store then click on the green toggle button.

How to check if the app is working on your store or not

1. Go to your Shopify store (store website) and right-click on the page.

2. In the right click options, choose inspect (last option as shown below)

3. Extra modal will open from below the page. In that modal, select Network tab and then All tab as shown below.

4. Now, just move your mouse cursor on any link on the page (do not click any link, just hover on the links). You will see that the relevant pages start loading without cliking in the links (Observe the new rows adding in the down modal on every mouse hover on any link). So when user actually clicks, he will observe fast page loads because the page started loading before his cliking on the link.

5. Faster page speeds always gives better user experience and gets you more happy customers. Happy customers brings more sales.

Need Help?

We simply love interacting with our customers and helping them with their queries or knowing how our apps are helping them to manage their Shopify store better.

If you are in our app then you can contact us via chat support or schedule a call with us and we will guide you on a screen sharing call. Alternatively, you can send an email to