WhatsApp Chat App step by step setup guide

1. Goto Apps in your Shopify admin and click on SocialX app.

2. Go to the Pending apps tab and click on the Setup in 4 steps button in the WhatsApp Chat app.

3. In the app dashboard, click on the Let’s install it button to start installing the app on your store.

4. First, we need to add the phone numbers of all the users who will chatting with your customers. Click on the Add User button.

5. Add the name and the phone number registered with WhatsApp. While entering the phone number, make sure you select your country code in the first dropdown and enter the phone number without zero in the second text box. Select an appropriate message that best describes the user’s role message. Click on the Save button once you have added all the details of an user.

Note: Ideally you should enter the working hours of the user also so that your customers know whether you are online or not. You can click on the below link to update the user’s photo and working hours.

6. If you want to add more then click on the Add User button once again and follow the steps mentioned in the above step. After adding all the users click on the Next button to go to the next step.

7. Here you can customize the look and feel of the WhatsApp button to match your store branding colors. We recommend using the default color so that the users know it is WhatsApp chat, but you are free to change the color and position. Click on the Next button or Use Default values button to proceed to the next step.

8. Here you can customize the Widget of the WhatsApp Chat App. Widget is the section that will open when the user clicks on the WhatsApp chat button on the website. Here customers will see your users added above and chat with a particular user as per his requirement. You can change the values or click on the Use Default values button.

9. Here you can customize the greetings message of the WhatsApp Chat App. Greetings message will come along with the WhatsApp chat button on your store. This is an important add-on to your chat icon as it will help in attracting the attention of the store visitors so that they can contact you. You can change the values or click on the Use Default values button

How to check if the WhatsApp Chat is set up properly on your store or not?

10. That’s it, you have successfully installed the WhatsApp Chat functionality on your store. To see if it has been installed properly or not, open your Shopify store in another window or click on the link as shown below.

11. By default, you must see the WhatsApp button and the greetings message on your store. See if everything is as per your settings or not.

12. Click on the WhatsApp button to see the widget section. See if everything is as per your settings or not.

13. Click on the CHAT button on any user you have added and see if it is opening the WhatsApp app (on mobiles) or WhatsApp page (on laptops) and whether you are able to send a message or not. Once you send a message, check whether the particular user has received it on his WhatsApp app or not.

12. In the dashboard, you can see the whole analytics of your app. You can see how many clicks happened on your WhatsApp chat button, how many of those clicks went to each of your users, and what are the pages from which you received the most messages. You can use this information to improve the store customer experience or to give better customer support.

13. To configure more you can click on the Settings button. To go back to the main dashboard, click on the Go to Home page button at the top left corner.

14. Like any other app, if you want to disable the WhatsApp Chat app on your store you can click on the green toggle button. To enable it click on it again.

15. Beautiful WhatsApp Chat lets more store visitors contact you via WhatsApp. Great customer support increases the trust of your customers which lets them buy more from your store.

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